Sometimes, the best business advice comes when you’re least expecting it.

When my husband and I met with our financial advisor the other day, I had a burning question I asked her.

Her answer floored me—it not only changed how I view my finances, but completely shifted my approach to business!

And because her advice is way too valuable to keep to myself, I’m sharing it with you in this week’s business blog.

Click below for this week’s lesson, which will help you innovate to break through to that next level of success. You may find that you’re just one small tweak away from hitting your goals!

As always please leave me a comment and let me know how making a shift like this has changed your business for the better, or how you are planning to change your approach to get better results in the future!

7 Responses to “It’s Not a Number”

  1. Thomas Burke

    Thanks for your helpful tips from you and your financial advisor Pam. I have the lean startup on audio and agree that it is a very helpful book, and I have re-listened to it many times.

    • Pam Hendrickson

      Thanks Thomas! I agree that this is a book that’s worth reviewing again and again – especially as our businesses grow into different stages. Thanks for your comment!

  2. K Suresh Rao

    It is always a great pleasure to watch & listen to your weekly lessons, which are informative & valuable.
    Thank you very much.


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