New Year’s can be a time when it’s easy to pile on new obligations, new resolutions and new strategies.

I’m all for starting new projects in the new year (more from me on that in the coming weeks!), but I’m also all for stopping whatever’s not working. How else are you going to find the resources for new, innovative strategies?

To help you decide what goes and what stays in 2017, I just released my all-new trend report, “3 Trends to Build an Explosive Product-Based Business 2017.” You can download it below, along with a copy of my newest Membership Site Cheat Sheet to help you take advantage of one of 2017’s hottest trends.

2017 Content Marketing Trend Report Preview Membership Magic Cheat Sheet Preview

In the report, you’ll discover:

  1. What to start doing in 2017
  2. What to keep doing
  3. What to STOP doing
  4. How you can innovate and get ahead of the crowd

It’s all in my trend report, “3 Trends to Build an Explosive Product-Based Business 2017.” Enjoy with my compliments for a wildly successful 2017.

Leave me a comment below and let me know what you plan to start AND stop doing in 2017. I’d love to hear from you!

19 Responses to “STOP Doing This in 2017 (Plus, 3 Hot Trends You Need to Jump On)”

  1. Kai

    Thank you so much Pam for those 2 great reports! I wish you a great New Year’s eve! Best greetings from Germany

    • Pam Hendrickson

      Frohes Neues Jahr! (Did I get that right? I am about 75% German, but unfortunately I don’t speak much German!). I wish you a happy, healthy, and prosperous New Year! Stay in touch in 2017!

  2. Abraham

    Dear Pam,
    It was wonderful to know you, Elsa. Enjoy your New Year.
    I would like to start a new project. After School Care Club.
    A new innovative helping young people to improve on their school work.

  3. Tony Chia

    Thanks for your contributions to my life and business ๐Ÿ™‚
    Wishing you healthy, enjoyable 2017 ahead.
    Tony – Vancouver, BC, Canada

    • Pam Hendrickson

      Happy New Year to you, Tony! Wishing you a year of great health, happiness, joy, prosperity, contribution and success!

  4. Michael

    All the very best for 2017

    Again, the quality of your PDF downloads are excellent.
    I am wanting to create one myself, so what exactly do you use to produce yours?
    Or is that a trade secret?

    Just watched Tony Robbins “I am not your guru” Wow!

    Thanks again for all your high value information.

    • Pam Hendrickson

      Thanks Michael! There are two things I can give you to help with this: (1) It starts by you being able to organize or “chunk” the content prior to sending it to design. The human brain loves structure and logic, but it also loves images (more than text). So if you can combine these two things (structure with visuals), it creates a really usable document for people. For me, I just write my content in a word document but I make a lot of comments and notes to my designers about where I want boxes, call outs, graphics, images, etc. So I give a LOT of direction for my graphic designer right inside my word document. (2) If this is new to you, send your designer some samples of designs you like – feel free to send any of mine as samples. And you can do a google images search and find some great ideas there (you just can’t use the ideas directly from google images). For a designer, I love to use 99Designs to run a contest and get lots of options, and then I find a designer I want to hire outright based on the results from the design contests I run. I hope this makes sense – kind of a big question to try to answer in a blog comment so let me know if this isn’t helpful! ๐Ÿ™‚

      • Michael

        It was all very helpful indeed Pam.
        I was aware of 99 Designs & the contest thing. You probably mentioned it somewhere before.
        The importance of including plenty of visuals & images in your text to break it up.
        Your mention of chunking, structure & logic was very important to me because if anything, the phrase “Too Much Information” applies to me & I tend to get lost myself!
        Rather than just concentrating on one area of your expertise & going into greater depth on that?
        If I were to do it myself & have a go at making something like yours, what programme/software would you recommend?
        Again… thanks for all the advice. It’s really appreciated because this year, I actually want to do something rather than just gather information. (Which then just gathers dust!)

        • Pam Hendrickson

          Michael – so true about information gathering dust! I can relate to that one! I write my content in microsoft word (and then add text boxes, comments, etc.) so I get the content structurally and visually where I want it on the page. Then, I have my designer make it look great by adding color, nice fonts, icons/graphics, etc. He uses Indesign for this. (I have a shutterstock account where is where I get all my stock icons and images). Then I export all my design files as PDFs to share publicly. Indesign is expensive so if you prefer, you can get a really nice designed layout in photoshop or even using PowerPoint or Keynote (lay it out as slides and then convert it to a PDF when you’re done).

          I hope this helps – and keep me posted on your progress this year! ๐Ÿ™‚

  5. Ramana

    Many good wishes for you and Chris this New Year. All my love, Ramana. (I am sorry that I missed you in December. I hope to see you in the Spring when I return from India!

  6. Patricia Dent

    Thanks Pam for your great articles. Your content is always good – but I found this article particularly helpful in stimulating my thought processes as I reformulate my strategy. Thanks again and Happy New Year from Canada.

    • Pam Hendrickson

      Thanks so much for your comment Patricia! If there are any specific questions or topics you want me to tackle for you in the coming months, please let me know – I’m happy to do it!

  7. bruce jones

    thank you Pam, some excellent ideas to think about at the beginning of this new year. Everything gets set back to zero and we start again with a fresh slate.

  8. Stanley

    Thanks for the free report and the other information,
    I greatly appreciate this and more for the new year.

  9. Yael

    Thank you Pam. You’re one of the experts I always pay attention to. In fact, I just opened a Pam Hendrickson folder so I have some place to easily capture what you give us & go back to.

    • Pam Hendrickson

      Thanks Yael, what a nice message! I feel honored to have my own folder! ๐Ÿ™‚

  10. Ash

    Dear Pam,
    This is Ash from Durban in South Africa.
    Wow! Your blog really delivers incredible value, with great info-graphics to stimulate the learning & development process, with key action points / takeaways immediately being pointed out!
    Your experience is highly appreciated, as I’m sure it was quiet a decision to venture out on your own, after being at the helm of one of the most legendary personal development & peak performance strategist’s (Tony Robbins) companies, Robbins Research International!
    Kudos to you for your courage, commitment & great work that you doing – especially now consulting for SUCCESS Academy… as well as supported Dr. Peter Diamandis, in creating his digital products ex. Xponential Advantage & that of Coach John Wooden’s, to name a few.
    I too pay attention to your advice, & guidance, especially in today’s super-fast paced digital & exponentially growing world!
    I look forward to you visiting us here in South Africa, someday soon, where we may learn from your massive experience, mentoring & coaching, to be impactful entrepreneurs, making the world a better place than we found it!!
    Much gratitude, respect & adoration for your generous time, great work & authenticity!
    from South Africa ๐Ÿ™‚

    • Pam Hendrickson

      Thanks Ash! I have the privilege of visiting South Africa a few years ago and it was an amazing experience. I love that you are sharing your great work there as there is a lot of excitement about education, training online learning there. Stay in touch! ๐Ÿ™‚


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