Meet Winnie Anderson, Coach, Author, Broadcaster and Host of The Courageous Entrepreneur Podcast

The Challenge: “We all have trauma. Life is trauma. We hear ‘no’ so many times, we get fearful to take action,” says Winnie Anderson, dynamic coach, author, broadcaster and host of The Courageous Entrepreneur podcast.”
Meet Winnie Anderson, Coach, Author, Broadcaster and Host of The Courageous Entrepreneur Podcast

“I could go on for days about the problems and the challenges that I had before I got involved with working with Pam,” Winnie explained. “Most of them were self-induced. I would grab every bright shiny object that came along. I had no focus, no confidence and I didn’t understand the value of my own gifts.”

The Strategy: I know so many entrepreneurs who are in this exact same position—and trust me, I’ve been there, too.

Before you can take ANY action, you have to have confidence. You have to know in your heart, “I CAN do this.” In fact, confidence is the foundation of any successful plan: Your very first step is to believe that it’s going to work.

That’s why I start every single one of my training programs with a foundation in mindset. If you don’t begin with the right mindset, you’re setting yourself up for failure.

In fact, the very first Golden Rule of Content in my Content Crash Course training program is Clarity. Before you create even ONE piece of content, you need to get clear on EXACTLY:
1) Who your audience/customer persona is.
2) How your content will help them solve their problems.
3) How your content will directly connect with your business goals.

If you knew the answers to these three questions, imagine how much more confident you’d feel while creating your next video, blog post or social media post. That’s the gift of absolute crystal-clear clarity. It frees you up to take massive action with the full power of your conviction behind you.

The Result: “Since working with Pam, and working with her programs, I have been able to map out the next 6-18 months in my business,” Winnie said.

“I know what I’m offering over the next time period. I know the content I need to put out into the world to attract the right audience. I have these systems that I can now follow. I know what marker I have to hit at three years, and then I look at my plans in 12-week blocks. It’s like building a foundation, so even when you fall down, you think, ‘Well, I just have to get up and keep going so I can make my next mile marker.’

“It’s given me confidence and courage. It has taken away the sleepless nights, the anxiety and the sadness that I felt.

“For me, my five-year goal is allowing my husband to retire. I had a serious car accident several years ago and he supported me financially, emotionally, and sometimes literally. I want to return the favor. So I’ve got to ‘get it done,’ and what I’ve learned from Pam is helping me do just that!”

Hear more about Winnie’s results in her own words:

Pam’s Take: “I’m so proud of Winnie, and I get a little teary each time I see this video. I always knew she would succeed. She is one of my most dedicated students. Every webinar, every Q&A call, Winnie shows up with bells on, eager with questions and comments. I knew as soon as she got the mindset foundation in place, established a few systems and started implementing that her confidence would blossom. I’m so proud of what she’s achieved and the business she’s built.

In fact, Winnie is my Facebook Live hero! Every time I think about whether or not I should get on camera (it’s not my favorite), I think about how often Winnie keeps putting herself out there, and it gives me a little push forward. That’s the power of these relationships. Even when you think you’re helping someone else, you’re also moving yourself forward. Thank you, Winnie.”

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