Meet Becky Miksic, OTR/L, T-LNP, T-TET, CHt., End Picky Eating

The Challenge: Developing a signature talk that closed new customers, but didn’t feel “salesy.”
Meet Becky Miksic, OTR/L, T-LNP, T-TET, CHt., End Picky EatingA powerful signature talk is vital to your business. In The Art of Impact, I discuss how a great signature talk can change hearts and minds and turn listeners into highly engaged audience members—and even customers.

Becky Miksic, pediatric occupational therapist and CEO of End Picky Eating, came to me to help plan a presentation to a local school to help parents cope with their children’s eating issues. This was an amazing opportunity to get in front of her target audience, and Becky was eager to maximize this chance.

Becky wanted to create a talk that would share key lessons with the parents, but she also wanted to introduce them to her new online course to end picky eating. The problem? She was sensitive to it feeling “salesy.” (I’ve been there! How about you?)

The Strategy: Becky had a lot of great content, and we were able to pull it together in just a few hours. In her words, “that afternoon was priceless.”

Together, we used my core formula to build her signature talk (which you can find in The Art of Impact)

How to Build a Signature Talk

  1. Open with a personal story. (Tell it in a way that emphasizes your audience’s needs, not your own.)

  2. Know where your talk is going and what you want it to do. (Becky had this part nailed.)

  3. Position yourself as the person who can solve their problem.

  4. Use a simple step-by-step formula so it’s easy for people to follow—and follow through.

  5. Don’t over-teach!

  6. Build toward your offer. (This was the key area of focus for Becky.)

The Result: I’ll let Becky share this in her own words: “I am so relieved—I’m ready for my talk, I know exactly what I am going to say and what I’m doing—Pam saved me months of work. The way that Pam talked me through it, [the close] is going to be natural. It’s just me telling my story. With just a few simple questions, Pam nailed the structure for my talk. She helped me say what I wanted to say.” (This made me so happy!)

Hear more from Becky about her day with me:

Pam’s Take: “Becky had all the pieces in her head. She just didn’t have them structured yet, and she didn’t know how to arrange them so they all led to the big moment: her close. As someone who really struggled with this early in my career, I was thrilled to help Becky put it all together. This new structure will allow her to deliver a talk with huge value to her audience, and it will help her bring new customers in the door. Most important, she’s having fun again as she puts together and delivers her message. I can’t wait to hear her final results!”

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