Have I told you about the time that I spent $10,780 creating my first online course and sold 28 seats for a total of $8,316 in revenue?

Let’s do the math together. (Sigh!) I lost $2,284 on that project, which was one of my very first solo projects. It was pretty discouraging!

I wish that were the only mistake I ever made when creating online courses. Some days, it feels like I’ve made them all. In fact, I’m pretty sure I INVENTED a mistake all on my own.

This week, I’m going to save you a TON of money, time and embarrassment by laying out all the mistakes I made—in excruciating detail.

I also have a special gift I want to share with you at the end of the video—stay tuned for that at 14:10!

Highlights from today’s blog:

4:13 Mistake 3: This one can drive your customers away…for good!
8:00 Mistake 6: Avoid this, and your customers will feel like they are making true progress with your program
10:08 Mistake 8: How to make sure you are building a business for the long-term with your membership site
14:10 My special invitation for you…

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10 Responses to “My Top 10 Mistakes with Online Courses”

  1. karen

    Thank you Pam. This was one of your best posts EVER! I know you’ve seen it all and I appreciate your letting us learn from your mistakes.

    • Pam Hendrickson

      Karen, that means a lot coming from you! As you said, I have made a TON of mistakes in my career – some costly ones! and I love being able to share them to help others prevent them. This is a great business to be in (online training & delivery) as long as you know the pitfalls to avoid. Thanks again and congratulations on all your great work!

  2. Tim Berry

    Great stuff as always. I have made all of these mistakes and I find myself still making some of them again and again. These tips not only apply to online courses, but consulting, coaching and other services. Thanks

    • Pam Hendrickson

      Thanks Tim! They say “you teach what you most need to learn” so know that I still make them myself sometimes, too! In fact, I’m the poster child on a couple of them. Agree that they apply to other product and service formats, too. Thanks for your comment!

  3. Nobby

    #10 – taking too long to launch because I got distracted along the way has been my greatest downfall. It has cost me years of time, market opportunity let alone income and credibility.
    But that is all about to change.
    Each point you mentioned is absolutely valid, and should be a blueprint for anyone wanting to avoid failure.
    I have seen others market – successfully – even for small income and get out into the market.They are selling exactly the same as many others are doing, but they have put it into a course and promoted. And doing it so easily that it is a no brainer.
    Waiting is just failure to win. Launching and failing is winning at learning. But at least it is the step i the right direction.
    Thanks Pam, as always, great advice. 🙂

    • Pam Hendrickson

      Nobby! SO great to hear from you! Excited to hear about what you’re doing – drop us a note and give us the details! And, in the words of NBA great, Michael Jordan, “I’ve missed more than 9000 shots in my career. I’ve lost almost 300 games. 26 times, I’ve been trusted to take the game winning shot and missed. I’ve failed over and over and over again in my life. And that is why I succeed.” Thanks for reaching out, Nobby!

  4. Cathy

    Thanks Pam – really useful and no wading through long minutes of promotion to get to the good stuff. Cheers.

  5. Joe

    I agree one of the best! I struggle with getting people to join. Crickets would be my problem. Can’t wait for the webinar training.

    • Pam Hendrickson

      Thanks Joe! I’m looking forward to the webinar, too – in fact, finishing up my slides right now! “See” you there!

  6. Lisa Rothstein

    WOW very timely for me!! So many aha’s:
    I’ve been noodling WAAAAAY too long on my relaunch of an online course that was successful because I didn’t think the revamp is good enough yet 🙂
    And of course, I’m also putting in WAAAY too much content, which is one reason it’s taking me so long! I keep thinking of new stuff to add.
    Also, my students loved all the personal attention I gave them the first time I offered the course, but it really wouldn’t leave much room for an upsell to a mastermind or consulting. So it’s clear to me that my options are either to continue overdelivering on the personal attention BUT charge a lot more, or limit it and upsell into a higher-end program for more interaction and service, and make sure I seed the idea during the course.
    Lastly, I also need to lighten up and not try to be so perfect — people really do like “Real” people more than paragons!
    Thanks so much for the clarity and transparency, Pam!


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