Tell me if this sounds familiar: You’re doing a lot of stuff, yet you’re not getting to that next level of success in your business. Maybe you want to increase your revenue, grow your client base or put in fewer hours—with even better results. But no matter what you do, you just feel . . . STUCK.

This is such a common problem for entrepreneurs, and it’s a big reason why many of my consulting clients hire me.

The cure?

A Business Spa Day!

No, I don’t mean getting a deep-tissue massage and a mani-pedi. (Though that can do wonders for your motivation sometimes!) What I mean is taking a step back to relax and answer a few key questions that will put you on the path to creating a sustainable, ongoing revenue model that supports you and your business goals.

I’ve used it myself in my business, and I’ll walk you through it, step by step, in the video below.

If you know someone who may be stuck trying to grow their business and could benefit from these tips, please share this video with them.

After watching, be sure to put your Spa Day on the calendar and leave me a comment below. What is your goal of your Spa Day? To create more consistency in your business? To bring in revenue without having to be there all the time? Let me know!

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