There’s one HUGE trend in 2017 that I think you need to be on top of.

This week, I’m going to show you 7 ways to make money with this trending product. You’ll discover what it is—and how to use it to boost your revenue in 2017—by clicking on my latest below.

I’ve been watching people make everywhere from 5-figures to 7-figures in revenue on this product and I want to position you to get a slice of this market this year.

Plus, if you want to get a bigger platform for your message or leave a legacy that will last long after you’re gone, this product offers you the perfect vehicle.

Make sure to leave me a comment and let me know if this got your brain moving about more ways to add to your business in 2017…

8 Responses to “7 Ways to Make Money with This 2017 Trending Product”

  1. Brent Attaway

    Pam, I have a membership site for two different businesses…

    One is for our fitness and nutrition business that my wife is the “face” of. We sell information and coaching through monthly subscription that includes streaming workouts and time released meal plans. Plus, we offer one-time info products that are delivered evergreen over a fixed period of time (like 5, 10, or 12 weeks).

    Another is my consulting business that helps coaches launch and build their client base using the systems and strategies I teach. This is done through an online evergreen membership course. I love this because it provides the fundamental onboarding content for my coaching clients so I don’t have to reteach that stuff a gazillion times! 🙂

    Thanks Pam, loving the great value you always bring over the years… you have a special skillset to simplify complex things.

    • Pam Hendrickson

      Thanks so much Brent, and congratulations on your membership sites! You’re definitely taking advantage of the strategies to maximize and create several sources of income (and value). I can relate to the freedom of not having to keep reteaching the same content when you onboard new clients. Congrats on all!

  2. Severine JOLIVET-REBET

    Thanks very much Pam. Great recap and food for thought to keep building on mine 😉 Loved your course on Membership Site. Thanks for the work you do, Metaptitudely yours, Severine

  3. John C Byler

    Excellent as always, thank you Pam! I’m launching a series of seven businesses 5 years in the making and so one membership site should tie all of it together. Keep your eye out for BISON Nation, where we will share progress and updates on the goings on of The BISON* Project. I appreciate your wise counsel along the way!

    * Brain Injury Support: Operational & Neurological

  4. Jeff Parrot

    Hi Pam
    Very nice work on the video! I have recently launched a B2B advertising network that features businesses for sale and other various business-related assets and services. We recently completed on-page optimization for proper indexing and it’s starting to take off nicely.

    We have a ‘freemium’ model; advertising and most features are free while we charge a subscription for larger volume users. Your mention of a membership or subscription model in the video is what prompted me to write.

    I have a dilemma that I could use some help with (aka consulting). Getting users to post free ads on the site has been more of a challenge than what I initially thought. Potential sellers/advertisers to the site (I believe) are reluctant to post ads for fear no one will see them and visitors don’t stay because there is no listing inventory to view. We don’t have a product or service per se’, but wanted to share this publicly because it undoubtedly is a challenge that a few of your readers/subscribers have been faced with as well in some capacity.

    We have ran paid advertising campaigns, blogging and other social activities for backlinks. Any sage advice and do you consult?



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