For me, my 2017 planning doesn’t start with a calendar, or an involved business plan, or a goal setting exercise.

It starts by looking inward: What do I need to personally work on in order for my business to have the best year yet?

Because as a small business owner I want to make sure I bring the best “me” to the table in 2017. I want the same for you! So today I have the one lesson and five skills to get you in the right direction for 2017. I know these 5 “S” attributes are what you need to move your business forward in the New Year.

Make sure to leave me a comment: Which of these 5 skills will you focus on for 2017?

11 Responses to “1 Lesson and 5 Skills to Make 2017 Your Greatest Year Yet”

  1. Dominic Carubba

    That was clear, concise and memorable… A great example of sticky content.
    I will remember the 5 S Formula and I am excited to put it into action immediately.

  2. Greg Leischner

    Great stuff, as always Pam. Thanks for sharing; you and yours have a wonderful Christmas holiday.

  3. karen

    Thanks Pam, what a great lesson for year-end when I’m starting to plan for next year. I am guilty of having my fingers in too many pots, and that takes away from focusing on the thing I can do best. I love the idea of simplifying and focusing on my strongest gifts.

    • Pam Hendrickson

      Karen, you are singing my song (fingers in too many pots!). I’m looking forward to seeing you in a few days and catching up!

  4. Hisham (David ) Shihadeh

    Hi Pam,
    You always deliver great content and I love you for it, I know you told me that you are going to light fire in me when I took a picture with you at the event in San Diego on Thursday, I’m saying that so you remember who I’am , I’m really looking forward coming to see you again and learn more about the membership site that I purchased so you can help me light the fire in me that has been dormant for a while…Lol, I wish you Chris and the kids the greatest holidays ever.

  5. Severine JOLIVET-REBET

    My greatest gift is to have a mind that thinks in a global way. It allows me to have a full picture of things and see all ramifications. And then my vocation is to simplify these sometimes complex systems to help others get the same resultats as the ones I am getting myself 😉

  6. freddie

    Hey Pam

    Thanks for sharing this video really shed some light and you’re right having your fingers in too many pots can overwhelm you and also distract you from the things that you really excel at.


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