I’ve received so many amazing comments on my webinars, it’s blown me away.

“Pam you are the queen of content and structure.”—Grahame

“You always OVERDELIVER with the VALUE you give!”—Elizabeth

“That framework bit back there was money. Looking forward to the slides. Pam is your Daenerys Targaryen.”—Walter

Well, I wasn’t always a webinar ninja (or even a yellow belt, for that matter!). If you watched my video last week you know I’ve had my share of epic fails.

I struggled . . . until I found 5 hacks that made the difference.

With these hacks, things changed: My attendance rates skyrocketed, the chat buzzed with comments and questions, and my sales soared.

After all, webinars can either be the most powerful force in your business—or you can waste a lot of time and effort with zero sales to show for it.

Today I’m sharing the 5 webinar hacks that transformed my business, which you can use to rock your own conversions and results.

Will you be trying any of these hacks in your business? Share in the comments below!

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5 Responses to “5 Webinar Hacks to Improve Your Conversions”

  1. Bob McCord

    Pam, Thanks for the hacks (and to Mike as well)–good advice and insight. I appreciate your “personal realism” about what you’ve implemented and adjusted for better results. That kind of experience in your examples is fortifying for those of us wanting to know what works. Value here.

    • Pam Hendrickson

      Thanks so much Bob! Nice to hear from you…and yes, I believe in sharing the behind the scenes reality of what happens, otherwise it’s too hard to know what to correct or what mistakes to avoid for all of us!

  2. Walter McRae

    Love watching how you explain your webinar tactics Pam. I’ve learned a great deal and will implement these into my business webinar strategies. I look forward to additional tips in the future.
    Always a big fan,

    Walt M.

    (website being built)
    (Thanks Mike Filsame for introducing Pam to your fans!)

    • Pam Hendrickson

      Thanks Walter for the nice comment! The best way to say thanks by the way is to go out and be massively successful with your webinars! 🙂

  3. Demetria Zinga

    I’m looking forward to beginning my webinars journey this year! I’m really glad I found your blog- it’s very informative. Thank you so much for the support.


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