Pam Hendrickson Blog - Build An Audience

Build an Audience

Direct response marketing is gold, right? You make an offer and get a result. If it works, you do more of it. If it doesn’t work, you tweak the offer and do it again, until you get results. But, if you’re only focusing on direct response marketing, you’re missing something. In fact, you may be Read More »

Pam Hendrickson Blog - It's Not A Number

It’s Not a Number

Sometimes, the best business advice comes when you’re least expecting it. When my husband and I met with our financial advisor the other day, I had a burning question I asked her. Her answer floored me—it not only changed how I view my finances, but completely shifted my approach to business!

Pam Hendrickson Blog - Website Tips

Creating Your Web Presence

In 1996, the average American spent less than 30 minutes online—a MONTH. (According to the NPD Group.) After all, there wasn’t much to do on the internet. Back then, websites were little more than a list of links to articles, with maybe a few archaic graphics thrown in. Slow dial-up connections made videos impossible, and Read More »

Pam Hendrickson Blog - The Only 6 Things You Need To Know

The Only 6 Things You Need to Know

As much as I love running my own business, sometimes I drive myself crazy. I record what I think is the perfect video, only to realize later that a shadow covered half of my face. I nearly go blind making miniscule changes to a logo that, in the end, no one will notice. And I Read More »