Wow Your Customers with the Help of Joe Montana

What You Need to “Wow” Your Audience with Your Signature Talk

Procrastination can be a killer when it keeps us from moving forward and making true progress. But every now and then, procrastination can set the scene for a "happy accident" that sparks something new. That happened to me the day I took a step away from my to-do list to check in on my youngest Read More »

My Copywriting Cheat Sheet: 10 Steps to Killer Sales Copy

I’m all for automation, but there are some things in your business that you absolutely need to stay involved with. These will vary a little based on your individual business and your goals, but, for me, I always keep a close pulse on 1) the economics of my business, 2) how I support my customers Read More »

3 Video “Aha” Moments from the Road

This week I want to start off with a formula: 2 weeks of filming + 2 different coasts + 3 separate locations = numerous plans that all had the potential to go awry. Enough to make your head spin, right? That pretty much summed up my last few weeks as I tried to juggle writing Read More »

[Graphic] My Favorite Ways to Brainstorm Outstanding Content

One of the challenges we face as business owners is coming up with valuable content for our target audience on a regular basis. While knowing your ideal customer backwards and forwards—as well as the main problems and issues they face in their lives—is key to creating content that is relevant and useful to their particular Read More »