Two Immediate Benefits for Your Business: Why You Should Run a Contest (Plus, My Contest Winners!)

Everyone loves to win something. That’s why contests can bring so much buzz to your business. However, the benefits of a contest—especially one that requires your audience members to create something—go far beyond generating simple enthusiasm. In fact, contests offer two main benefits to your business—and their effects are immediate.

Oguz Konar

Customer Spotlight: Looking for Consistent, Predictable, High-Quality Leads and Sales for Your Business? Oguz Konar Has the Answer

In this customer spotlight post, I want to introduce you to Oguz Konar and his marketing system. If you’re interested in talking to Oguz about targeting new prospects and converting them into clients, you’ll find his contact information at the end of the article. –Pam In marketing, there used to be a rule called the Read More »