I’m all for automation, but there are some things in your business that you absolutely need to stay involved with.

These will vary a little based on your individual business and your goals, but, for me, I always keep a close pulse on 1) the economics of my business, 2) how I support my customers and, one area you may not immediately think, of 3) copywriting.

Here’s why: Sales copy can make or break your business. It can mean the difference between making money while you sleep and restless nights.

Because it’s such a vital component of just about every business, I created a new resource to help you knock it out of the park, and an introductory video to tell you a little more about it. You’ll find both of them below:

Download “My Copywriting Cheat Sheet: 10 Steps to Killer Sales Copy”

Did I miss your favorite copy tip? Let me know in the comments. I love constantly learning from YOU, too. 🙂

14 Responses to “My Copywriting Cheat Sheet: 10 Steps to Killer Sales Copy”

  1. Pam Hendrickson

    Thank you so much, Maryalice! When someone shares my content, I take it as the highest compliment. 🙂 And thanks for the comment. It’s always a pleasure to hear from you!

  2. Kellie Sue

    Great tips, Pam! You have a lot of helpful information in there. I would suggest that it also helps to know your medium. And wow! That stat about the average person’s reading level? Yikes.
    One tiny editorial comment: missing word/wrong word in Einstein’s quote. The actual quote is, “We can’t solve problems by using the same kind of thinking we used when we created them.”
    I really appreciate all the helpful content you guys put out, and I hope you won’t be offended by my edit, which is offered in the spirit of community and care.

  3. Pam Hendrickson

    Kellie, LOVE the edit – I think it’s important to be as accurate a possible, especially when quoting someone else. I appreciate you pointing it out! 🙂

  4. Eli

    Congrats! I remember you from RRI…. I was an FSR for 7 years. Thx for the great content)
    Eli Wilhide

  5. Ibrahim Favada

    Thanks for your instructive tips on “Why First Impressions Count” and this one (Copywriting). It’s safe to say that the overarching objective of a sales letter is to create a good and just first impressions to propel prospects to respond to a call to action. I am a student of internet marketing, and have attended many webinars and purchased many information products (Thus, read many different sales letters).

    There are 2 concepts in sales; caveat emptor (simply a buyer take responsibility of the quality of a product being sold) and caveat venditor (simply the opposite, i.e, a seller take responsibility except there is a disclaimer). As a copywriter which side to take (buyer or seller or both)?

    Building scarcity or urgency in a sales letter, is this not a lying? I have seen sales letter on WSO with this urgency “3 more at “X” price”. After a long time I saw the “3 more at “X” price” on same sales letter, though many purchases have been made since the first sight. Thanks for your comments!

  6. Pam Hendrickson

    Thanks Ibrahim, I appreciate your thoughtful message. I hadn’t heard the term “caveat venditor” but love it. Two things: 1. Scarcity and urgency are incredibly powerful marketing tools…when used AUTHENTICALLY. If you’re using false scarcity or urgency, then you’re violating the true intent behind those strategies. In addition, as a business owner/copywriter I think our primary frame has to be “we are responsible to you but we’re not responsible for you.” In other words, it’s on us to over-deliver value, but it’s on the customer to implement. Thanks again for your comment!

  7. Chris S-C

    Thanks for the guide. It should be interesting to compare with and use to tweak my existing process. My only comment – very painful reading your blog and the guide on a smartphone. Will have to wait until I get to a pc or laptop to fully appreciate them.

  8. Pam Hendrickson

    Hey Chris, the great news is my new site (with the mobile friendly blog – and transcripts and audios of all blogs) will launch very early in the New Year! No more “cobblers shoes” on my website. I’m excited to give you a much better user experience. Thanks for your comment! 🙂

    • Kim

      Just found your blog Pam and absolutely LOVE your content as well as your style! Thank you for pouring into the world around you with such wonderful information. What template is being used for your new improved blog? I do enjoy it’s simplicity and style!

  9. steven speliotis

    Thank you for sharing your wisdom and helping others along our way..
    there’s so much info bombarding my email box these days with everyone
    telling me they have the answers for online marketing.
    But there’s always a big $ attached…
    I am not opposed to investing in my self & business, so I wanted to say,
    thank you for sharing Much appreciated


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