This week I want to start off with a formula: 2 weeks of filming + 2 different coasts + 3 separate locations = numerous plans that all had the potential to go awry.

Enough to make your head spin, right?

That pretty much summed up my last few weeks as I tried to juggle writing scripts, working out logistics and getting myself prepared to be in front of the camera.

In the middle of this marathon, I had a bit of a reality check about the power of this medium.
I want to share it with you, along with a few powerful strategies for getting the most of every video you film.

If you’re using video with your customers (and I hope you are!), I think you’re going to find these 3 distinctions really useful for putting together videos that create a heartfelt connection with your customers.

Also, as someone who stresses out about making the perfect video—every time—I also hope you find this week’s blog useful for finding a little bit of calm in the chaos, which will help you film a better, more authentic video every time.

Make sure to leave me a comment below the video! I’d love to hear your thoughts—and your tips for filming a great video. (I’m always on the lookout for new distinctions!)

10 Responses to “3 Video “Aha” Moments from the Road”

  1. Scott MacMillan

    Thanks Pam, Good reminder. I’ve been stressing trying to get some videos done before my hair falls out. But If I don’t get them done I’ll just do voice overs.

  2. Philip Quintas

    This is about the most timely post I have ever seen. I am about to shoot a video and I’ve been working on memorizing the script I wrote. I hope to get a usable take of it all the way through (with feeling) but if I don’t, I’ll just edit what I have.

  3. Lee

    You are trying too hard to sound “upbeat” about being victimized by perfectionism.

  4. Pam Hendrickson

    Great! It’s a great reminder as it’s so easy to get “locked” into thinking we have to do something a certain way, when in reality, there’s always more than one way to get an outcome!

  5. Grahame Rees

    What a great video with some timely tips from the expert.As you know this is exactly what we have been doing with Amanda and her 50 day rest program.We did not let money or perfection get in the way – filming each daily video with an IPOD touch.As we worked through the program – now at day 36 the videos have improved, her camera comfort is better yet they are perfect imperfection.Natural with mistakes, even laughing at them on the video actually seems to up the viewing rate.Most importantly for anyone thinking about doing video your personal growth will exceed as 1st you have to get over I’m not good enough yet.Just set up a camera and start talking – you are already good enough ~ in fact excellent if you are part of Pam’s amazing community. Just say YES !!

  6. Yael

    Timely, Pam, as I sit exporting my 2nd take of videos. I was a bit worried as I head the topic – now a sigh of relief as I am definitely editing what I have. And it will be fine 🙂
    Hope you all had a nice time back east in between the videos.

  7. Grace

    Wow. Powerful story and thoughts here. We lose the joy. It gets left by the side of the road as we charge on in our quests to do and be and have. You’ve inspired me, Pam! I sincerely feel that this is something I’ve been missing…and it’s everything, isn’t it? Confidence, fun, generosity and JOY. (Like first semester Pammy!) Thank you for reminding me.

  8. Richard Crawford

    Thanks Pam for making it real for everyone. I’ve filmed a lot of big name celebrities…and they still get butterflies and often worried that this performance or interview could some how be the end of their career. I remind them, before they step in front of the camera, that they are here to give their gift. Nothing is expected in return,,,not applause, not adulation or it wouldn’t be a gift. And for the new on camera talent I interview here is the secret I discovered about their fear. They are afraid that if they mess up they will be wasting our time, keeping us waiting. So I tell them that we have plenty of disk space, and the crew probably hopes they’ll flub up so they can get overtime! No problem. Thanks for your ongoing support and I am excited to be working with you, Mike, Chris and the staff. Blessed New Year. PS. I’ll send those videos I mentioned at the Go Live event.

    • Pam Hendrickson

      Richard, what an awesome post! I love the way you reframe the celebrities you film – it’s so true. It’s about generosity and giving to your audience – that’s it, period, end of story. As my mom used to remind me – Eleanor Roosevelt once said, “We wouldn’t worry so much about what other people think of us, if we realized how seldom they do.” (this was her favorite quote). What you share with your clients is a framing and mindset that helps them connect to their service and takes away their fear. So well done! Can’t wait to work with you and get to know you better! 🙂


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