Sometimes in life, business and sports, intangibles make all of the difference. I recently stumbled upon a New York Times story about Peyton Manning (who is on my greatest quarterback pedestal along with of course, my NFL hero, Tom Brady) and Ryan Leaf. You may remember that Manning and Leaf were drafted as the 1-2 picks in the 1998 NFL draft. Manning went on to win two Super Bowl rings and achieve legendary feats, and Leaf…is now serving a sentence for breaking into a house looking for painkillers.

What ultimately was the difference between Manning and Leaf? I say that character made all of the difference—the internal intangibles that drove them as athletes and men. These intangibles meant the difference between true greatness, and utter failure.

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When it comes to making your customers happy, it really comes down to one thing: Honesty.

According to a study by PR firm Cohn & Wolfe, the most important behavior that customers would like to see from brands is “communicating honestly about products and services.”

That’s it. So simple yet sometimes brands get it so wrong (see Volkswagen, FIFA, BP).

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