‘Tis the season for spending! U.S. shoppers are expected to spend an average of $929 for gifts this holiday season (up from $882 last year), according to American Research Group, Inc. For those shopping online, the average planned spending jumps to $1,342.

For me, the holidays are about family, friends, giving back—and checking out some of the best new products out there! More than just the products themselves, I love studying the thoughtful planning around the marketing, design, and deliverability of each offering.

Pam Hendrickson - My 2016 Holiday Gift Guide

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Two years ago CVS Pharmacy made a stunning move and stopped selling all tobacco products in its more than 7,000 stores.

According to President and CEO, Larry Merlo, “The sale of tobacco products is inconsistent with our purpose – helping people on their path to better health.”

Now, CVS and Merlo did this because it not only aligned with their mission—they also did it because of one big reason. This is a factor that can influence everything we do for our customers, and show that we are truly committed to their success.

Pam Hendrickson Blog - 1 Key Ingredient to Making Raving Fan Customers This Holiday Season

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About 10 years ago, one of my co-workers at Robbins Research International asked me a pointed question.

He wasn’t trying to be mean, but he was trying to make a point. He certainly did that. (!) Even 10 years later, I still remember the moment vividly. I was a little embarrassed at the time, but his question gave me a huge gift. It showed me a whole new strategy to maximize my strengths and, as a result, my business has really taken off.

I want to share it with you this week (plus 4 other “oops moments”), in the hopes that it will do the same for you.

Pam Hendrickson - 5 'Oops Moments' That Moved My Business Forward Leaps and Bounds

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Failure. Ooh, it gives me the willies. How about you?

As an achiever and, admittedly, a bit of a perfectionist, failure is not an option. 🙂 However, as an entrepreneur—and a human being—I know that failure is simply a reality. One day, I’m going to deliver an awkward close from stage and sell fewer products that I’d hoped. (Cringe!) At some point, one of my two sons will come home disappointed with a test score. And during some crucial game, Philip Rivers is going to throw an interception (and I’ll question my commitment to Chargers football).

Pam Hendrickson - What No One Teaches About Failure (but Everyone Needs to Know)

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