Whether you celebrate Christmas or another holiday or tradition, I wanted to send my warmest wishes to you—along with an important thought to carry into the new year.

It came to me as I was working on my annual cookie bake-a-thon, covered in flour, with frosting on my face and trying to hold back two excited boys who take their jobs as tasters very seriously.

It’s an important distinction because it’s what really gives our lives meaning, and it’s what shapes the results we get in our lives as we move forward.

Pam Hendrickson - Traditions and Rituals

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The Biggest Mistake Product Creators Make and How to Ensure Your Product Idea Will Succeed in the Marketplace

As a consultant, the most common question I hear is, "What’s the biggest mistake that people make when creating products?"

I’ve been asked this question a lot lately and the answer seems clearer than ever: Business owners don’t understand their target market well enough.

For example, I’ve seen products that provide a solution to a problem—but it’s not a problem that intended target market experiences. I’ve also seen products that solve the right problem, but the solution doesn’t fit the target market’s needs.

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My son, Jon-Jon, is on a new competitive baseball team (go Riptide!) and he had his first tournament this weekend. Normally Jon-Jon plays second base or short stop, but as the coach is still getting to know him, he was in left field for this particular tournament—which translated into several missed catches, not throwing the ball to the right cut-off man, not backing up the right person, etc.

As a parent, it was frustrating to watch, as my husband and I know that Jon-Jon is capable of a lot better fielding that he was showing.

And, by the last inning of the last game, it dawned on me.

Pam Hendrickson - Playing Out of Position

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