Anyone with children clearly knows that they are in our lives to teach us, not the other way around.

Our youngest, who’s five, played football for the first time this fall. It was so much more intense than we could ever imagine. In addition to the 7:30 am arrival time for Saturday morning games that were often 45 min away, our little Ben was consistently out there blocking kids twice his size.

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I must have given the same feedback and direction 27 times in the last three months to a marketing team that I am currently coaching and training. And so when I’m asked to bail them out, in the moment of urgent desperation, the immediate temptation is to remind them how many times I’ve told them before. As in, “This is not working – not because of me, but because you guys can’t get it together after 27 times of me showing you exactly what to do.”

Pam Hendrickson - Defensiveness

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My husband and I were downstairs watching “The International” when all of a sudden we heard this huge “whump” right above our heads. Good God, we had no idea what it could be as we had safely tucked our boys in their beds a few hours earlier.

After running upstairs, we discovered our oldest boy, Jon Jon had not only found his way in our bed, but he managed to fall out of it. After a few minutes of my husband debating taking him to the emergency room and arguing if he was okay, we finally agreed I’d just sit with him to make sure he was all right.

Presence - Pam Hendrickson

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