There’s a lot to love about the holidays: Spending time with loved ones, enjoying as many holiday cookies as you want—with no judgment!—and the opportunity to give back to your community.

And as business owners, the holidays present even more opportunities: To help and inspire others with your values, messaging and products, and, yes, to increase your sales with holiday promotions.

There’s a reason why Black Friday through Christmas brings in 50-100% more revenue than the other shopping days throughout the rest of the year.

People are warmed up to buy, and with just a little bit of planning, you can get finish off the year with some big results.

Pam Hendrickson Blog - How to Create an Easy and Effective Holiday Marketing Campaign

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I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again: Video content is one of the fastest ways to connect authentically with your audience.

But if you’re not comfortable in front of the lens, it’s not going to work for you.

But what if you could be the Steph Curry of video marketing? You don’t get to be “the greatest shooter in NBA history” by accident. The Golden State Warriors guard doesn’t just walk out onto the basketball court and crush it.

Pam Hendrickson Blog - Get More Comfortable on Camera Now with These Video Content Filming Tips

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I want to introduce you to the Wild and Wise Sisterhood. This project has stolen my heart—for two reasons:

  1. It’s dedicated to supporting female entrepreneurs and their families.
  2. It was also founded by a dear, dear friend, Christa Thompson. (More about Christa in the video below!)

For about $1/day, the Wild and Wise Sisterhood offers you a quarterly box of intricately handcrafted, socially conscious gifts, all made by female artisans in India.

In addition to patronizing these female-owned microenterprises by purchasing and distributing their handiwork, Wild and Wise Sisterhood also gives $15/box back to support local community projects. (I love this.)

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