Tony Robbins’ Rapid Planning Method (RPM)

Activity without purpose is the drain to a life of fulfillment.
—Anthony Robbins

If I could get just 1-2 extra hours in the day, I’d be over-the-moon ecstatic. How about you? You’re probably already dreaming of what you’d do with the extra time. (Am I right?) In the absence of a magic time machine, most of us turn to time management systems.

So what’s the right question to ask? How can we stop being creatures of DOING and instead FINALLY create a plan to actually get what we really want? I’ll show you in this month’s video.

Pam Hendrickson Blog - Must Share This: The Time Management System for Getting What You Want

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Meet Winnie Anderson, Coach, Author, Broadcaster and Host of The Courageous Entrepreneur Podcast

The Challenge: “We all have trauma. Life is trauma. We hear ‘no’ so many times, we get fearful to take action,” says Winnie Anderson, dynamic coach, author, broadcaster and host of The Courageous Entrepreneur podcast.”
Meet Winnie Anderson, Coach, Author, Broadcaster and Host of The Courageous Entrepreneur Podcast

“I could go on for days about the problems and the challenges that I had before I got involved with working with Pam,” Winnie explained. “Most of them were self-induced. I would grab every bright shiny object that came along. I had no focus, no confidence and I didn’t understand the value of my own gifts.”

The Strategy: I know so many entrepreneurs who are in this exact same position—and trust me, I’ve been there, too.

Before you can take ANY action, you have to have confidence. You have to know in your heart, “I CAN do this.” In fact, confidence is the foundation of any successful plan: Your very first step is to believe that it’s going to work.

Meet Winnie Anderson, Coach, Author, Broadcaster and Host of The Courageous Entrepreneur Podcast

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If there is one priceless thing that I can offer you in the time we spend together, it is the wisdom that I have gained from the experiences and mistakes that I have made in my own business.

I want all the work that I have done in the past 30 years to be like a “cheat sheet” for you. An easy button, in the sense that I want to create “ease” for YOU, from the stress and challenges I went through to get to this amazing place in my business.

So take the time to watch this video where I talk about my business being a complete flop in its’ first year, the biggest mistake I made that contributed to the failure, and what I had to learn and DO to overcome it. It’s worth the watch, I promise!

Once you understand how important this component of your business is, you will be that much closer to turning your dreams into reality easily and consistently, with fewer of the same mistakes I made. 🙂

Pam Hendrickson Blog - I Thought I Had It Made. I Was Wrong.

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The Reason for This Monthly Send Goes Far Beyond Sharing Just News

I’ve spent years collecting, creating and discovering the best ideas for developing impactful content and world-class products.

Lately, I realized I have so much incredible information to share—with more coming to me (and more that I’m developing) all the time—I’m too excited and inspired to wait.

What better way to pass it along than in quick, grab-and-go bites once a month?

After all, my #1 goal is always to give you information on how you can make an impact for your business, right now—right after you read and view my info.

It’s my mission, it’s my Big Why, and the reason I am reaching out like this. Take a moment to watch my video for a quick backstory on how it all came to be, and what you can look forward to each month.

Good stuff—powerful, useful stuff—is coming your way. Get excited!

Pam Hendrickson - The Big Why: Bringing Your Ideas to Life

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