The Reason for This Monthly Send Goes Far Beyond Sharing Just News

I’ve spent years collecting, creating and discovering the best ideas for developing impactful content and world-class products.

Lately, I realized I have so much incredible information to share—with more coming to me (and more that I’m developing) all the time—I’m too excited and inspired to wait.

What better way to pass it along than in quick, grab-and-go bites once a month?

After all, my #1 goal is always to give you information on how you can make an impact for your business, right now—right after you read and view my info.

It’s my mission, it’s my Big Why, and the reason I am reaching out like this. Take a moment to watch my video for a quick backstory on how it all came to be, and what you can look forward to each month.

Good stuff—powerful, useful stuff—is coming your way. Get excited!

Pam Hendrickson - The Big Why: Bringing Your Ideas to Life

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Meet Becky Miksic, OTR/L, T-LNP, T-TET, CHt., End Picky Eating

The Challenge: Developing a signature talk that closed new customers, but didn’t feel “salesy.”
Meet Becky Miksic, OTR/L, T-LNP, T-TET, CHt., End Picky EatingA powerful signature talk is vital to your business. In The Art of Impact, I discuss how a great signature talk can change hearts and minds and turn listeners into highly engaged audience members—and even customers.

Becky Miksic, pediatric occupational therapist and CEO of End Picky Eating, came to me to help plan a presentation to a local school to help parents cope with their children’s eating issues. This was an amazing opportunity to get in front of her target audience, and Becky was eager to maximize this chance.

Becky wanted to create a talk that would share key lessons with the parents, but she also wanted to introduce them to her new online course to end picky eating. The problem? She was sensitive to it feeling “salesy.” (I’ve been there! How about you?)

The Strategy: Becky had a lot of great content, and we were able to pull it together in just a few hours. In her words, “that afternoon was priceless.”

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My February read: If You’re in a Dogfight, Become a Cat! Columbia Business Growth Publishing

If You’re in a Dogfight, Become a Cat! Columbia Business Growth PublishingI wanted to throw this book out the window after reading page 144!

I always feel like if a book has one big “ah-ha” moment, it’s great. This one has a TON. But, on page 144, the “ah-ha” for me was an “uh-oh,” and, yep, I wanted to toss the book out of the nearest window. Not because the book wasn’t right, but because it brought up a tough question for me.

So what caused this strong reaction? If You’re in a Dogfight talks about sticking to a brand promise, and I realized I wasn’t even sure what mine is! (Uncomfortable moment, right?!?!)

Pam Hendrickson - Must Share This: My February Read

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Tell me if this sounds familiar: You’re doing a lot of stuff, yet you’re not getting to that next level of success in your business. Maybe you want to increase your revenue, grow your client base or put in fewer hours—with even better results. But no matter what you do, you just feel . . . STUCK.

This is such a common problem for entrepreneurs, and it’s a big reason why many of my consulting clients hire me.

The cure?

A Business Spa Day!

Pam Hendrickson Blog - How To Get Unstuck -- With A Business Spa Day

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