New passions make me giddy.

When I hear…

  • “I have a great book inside of me…”
  • “I have a concept I want to show the world…”
  • “I have an online business just waiting to be launched…”

It makes me feel all tingly inside, because they have a greater vision for what they want their life to become.

These passions excite me, because they are the beginning of an extraordinary lifestyle just waiting to be nourished.

For the last 20 years I have had the honor of helping men, women, baby boomers, teenagers—anyone with a vision—to nurture an idea and passion and make it a reality. (And by the way: You’re next.)

It’s been a wild ride, and a fantastic mission.

If you want to read more about how I got here, you can read my story below.

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My Story

In the beginning…

When I was little, my parents made it clear that if I followed ‘the plan’ for my life, I would succeed. That meant straight A’s in school, leadership in high school clubs, graduating top of my class and heading straight to an Ivy League university. I even dated the ‘right’ guys—the types who would go on to be doctors and lawyers!

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When I graduated Magna Cum Laude from Brown University, my parents rewarded me with a black VW Jetta. Around Thanksgiving of that year, I jumped in the car to visit my parents in New York State for the holiday. As I entered the Catskill Mountains, I drove through a snowstorm and hit ice. As I skidded out of control towards an icy bridge with a river swirling below, the only thing that echoed through my brain was “This was not part of the plan I laid out for myself!”

I made it out ok (Rest In Peace, Jetta!), but it made me reflect on my life at that point. My job at the time, my boyfriend at the time, and my general trajectory of “following the plan,” was not really the life I wanted to lead. It was a turning point for me. I didn’t know what I wanted to do yet or how to get there, but I knew a big change was in order.

Cut to the West Coast…

My parents, who were huge personal development fans, handed me a box of Tony Robbins tapes (yes, cassette tapes!) and sent me to California to learn from Tony. I went to one of his seminars and learned so much that I set myself on a path to be a part of his company. Little did I know, this would turn into an 18-year career.

I started out answering phones at the switchboard (lots of accidental hang-ups were my specialty). Eventually, I moved into an assistant position and worked my way up from there until I made it to the executive team. As Vice President of Content & Product Development at Robbins Research International Inc. , I was part of building the company, and part of creating products, coaching programs and live events at a hands-on level. And it was a dream job. It was exhilarating …and exhausting. I was working 80 hours a week, and ‘just getting by’ in my home life.

Then things get complicated—and clearer…

18 years later, two things happened that caused me to step away from my corporate identity I’d worked so hard for:

The first was this: I began to feel that same pull I felt after my accident on the ice—I had made a change then to live a life better suited for me, and maybe it was time to evaluate again. I began to realize that as long as I had a job, no matter how great that job was, I was never going to have the lifestyle or the impact that I wanted as long as I was trading my time for money.

Then my mother passed away. My mom, a piano teacher who used music as a springboard for profound life lessons, a woman who was a constant in my life, was taken by cancer within 5½ weeks of diagnosis. Her favorite quote was Dr. Wayne Dyer’s: “We come into this world with nothing, we leave this world with nothing. All we have is what we give while we’re here. ”

Losing my mom was like losing my touchstone. And my perspective on what I was doing with my life broadened, because it became bigger than me. Now I was responsible for my mother’s legacy. I was not living up to my potential of the gifts that I was here to give.

While she was sick she would remind me how precious and fleeting life was. And it hit me hard, because here I was at this dream job, but I was pounding through traffic jams late at night, screeching home just hoping I would make it in time to say goodnight to my two little boys. I realized I was missing the most important thing in my life: time with my family.

And I make the biggest decision of my life…

These life changes set me on the path to where I am today. I began building my own business and a lifestyle around products and services so that I could embrace my greatest mission — to be a mother and a wife. It was scary at first, it was new, but it ultimately was the right decision. With my business, I am able to take the same care and concern I have with my husband, Chris, and my boys and apply it to each and every customer I serve. My days are spent working hard, but knowing that I am really making a difference in my clients’ lives.

I’m proud to say that I’ve written two best-selling books: Make Market Launch IT with Mike Koenigs and my newest book, The Art of Impact. I’ve also had the privilege to serve hundreds of clients just like you. Past clients include solopreneurs and entrepreneurs such as Mike Koenigs, Bo Eason, Jordan Belfort, Ryan Levesque and Oren Klaff (Pitch Anything) as well as corporations and major brands including SUCCESS magazine and the Medical Billing Advocates of America. I’m also a proud board member of

I want to share everything I’ve learned with you, so that you can have the power to build your life, legacy and lifestyle the way that is truly meaningful for you. I want you to be able to have it all — the passion for your work, the real impact for others, the income you desire, and the time to spend on whatever your greatest mission is.

Fun Stuff About Me

  • My guilty pleasure: Game of Thrones
  • Leave me on a desert island with: My husband, Chris, and two boys (I figure they can make shelter while I scavenge for coconuts). Is there chocolate on a desert island?
  • The sound I love: My boys laughing
  • What drives me nuts: Bullies—big and small
  • What few people know about me: I excel at downhill skiing. No, really. And, I’m really clumsy.
  • One snack I can’t live without: The little fried tofus from my local Thai place, with extra peanut sauce.