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With over 20 years of experience in the personal and professional improvement industry, Pam Hendrickson is a global authority on creating, structuring and packaging content to create high-end products and services. For both beginners and seasoned experts alike, Pam provides proven solutions that can immediately be applied to generate a sustainable income and create raving fan clients.

Pam uses her academic and corporate experience to give customers a step-by-step plan, grounded in sound business practices that allows them to hit the ground running but also build a profitable product portfolio through time.

Past speaking engagements include live events for industry leaders such as:

  • Anthony Robbins and Robbins Research International, Inc.
  • Peak Potentials
  • Brendon Burchard
  • Frank Kern
  • Mike Koenings and Traffic Geyser
  • Steve Olsher and Internet Prophets
  • Inside Edge

She has also spoken on numerous other platforms, including online events and training sessions.

“I’ve had the opportunity to go through Pam’s program and also saw her show the value of it at a charity event last year. I couldn’t think of a better person to teach this than the EXPERT who helped the master, Tony Robbins, create products that have served millions. This is a fantastic way to get your voice out there without reinventing the wheel.”

— Steve Linder, Entrepreneur,
Master Trainer NeuroStrategies & NLP

“Pam’s training simply over-delivered exceptional content. Her material is straightforward, follows a framework of easy-to-understand elements, and is packed full of valuable information. From the very first day I met her, she showed compassion, interest and genuine support for me not only as a business woman, but as a human being. Thank you, Pam, for inspiring us entrepreneurs, to greatness.”

— Alicia Bausley, Co-Founder of Empowered Business Entrepreneurs, LLC

Signature Topics & Presentations Include:

  • Turning Your Passion into Products:
    How to Create Quality Products That Sell:

    In this 75-minute presentation, Pam breaks down the seven simple steps for turning your knowledge and expertise into products and services so you can make a difference in people’s lives, create a lasting legacy and build multiple, recurring income streams for your business. Pam will share her tried and true model based on her 20+ years creating best-selling products and services in the personal development field for taking any idea to market quickly, effectively and profitably. Whether you want to maximize a product or service you already have, create products from scratch or use these skills to help your clients, this presentation contains the insights, strategies and insider information that can save you years of time and frustration, and massively accelerate your business growth.

  • Behind the Creative Curtain:
    Strategies for Content Development with Emotional Impact:

    Great Ideas and quality content by themselves are not enough. To positively influence others, they must be structured and presented in a way that they can be used to produce consistent results. In this 3-hour workshop, Pam shares the ins-and-outs of how to structure and present ideas and concepts for maximum impact on an audience.

  • The Inside of Excellence:

    Success, in any field, is a result of the ongoing pursuit of excellence. What sets those apart who succeed at the highest level from those who work hard but never quite achieve their dreams, is the embodiment of four qualities that direct their focus and actions. In this 60-minute inspirational talk, Pam reminds us all that we have the ability—and the right—to pursue and achieve excellence in any area we choose.

  • Customized talks:

    On product creation, content development, marketing, and overall business development in the Personal/Professional Improvement industry available upon request.

For bookings, please contact:

858-720-8720 / pam@pamhendrickson.com

For more information about Pam, please see her full bio.

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