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Creating information products can be one of the most rewarding—and lucrative—businesses that you will ever get into. I should know; I've spent the last 25 years helping the top names in the business turn their ideas into products that changed lives and generated healthy profits.

Maybe you're dreaming of creating and marketing your first eBook, or maybe you're far enough along that you want to create a membership site or a live event.

In this online training program, you'll learn directly from Pam Hendrickson, who has created hundreds of high revenue and best-selling products and services in every format imaginable for an exclusive base of clients for over twenty years. Pam was the Vice President of Content and Product Development for Anthony Robbins for almost 18 years.


• How do I turn my dreams into a product that I can sell?

• How should I organize my thoughts?

• What format should I use to deliver my content?

• How can I get this done without breaking the bank?

• How do I stand out from all the other competitors out there?

• How do I find people to market to—and convince them to buy?

• How do I make sure that what I deliver not only helps people, but makes a profit?

If you are in the business of creating and selling information products, or if you're an author, speaker, or coach, you've likely asked these questions somewhere along the way.

What every person in the personal/professional improvement industry needs to know—or figures out the hard way—is that the answers to these questions can determine how quickly and effectively you grow your business—or whether you stay in business at all.

That's where I can help you. I have asked and answered these questions for countless people in every industry imaginable. I know what works—and I know what doesn't. I can save you time—literally months!—and incredible amounts of money by sharing with you the lessons I've learned.

The Competitive Landscape Has Changed

A few years ago (ancient history in the Internet Marketing world), you could put almost anything out there in the marketplace and it would sell. Even a half-baked product idea could be sold for profit as long as you knew how to drive traffic to your page.

Today, the online space has changed: things are more competitive than ever before—both online and offline—and people are more savvy in their decision-making, making it harder to garner the same attention, much less convert it into sales. You can have a great idea, you can be clear about your brand and you can have outstanding marketing, but if, at the end of the day, your content doesn't deliver, you're out of business. Or you will be soon.

But there is good news because...

The Window Is Still Open

Even as consumers have gotten more savvy, the marketplace has been slow to react. If you know what to do, it's easy to stand out from your competition. The secret is knowing how to package, promote and deliver your content so that it can be used effectively to 1) produce consistent results and 2) deliver a consistent profit for your business.

I Will Show You Exactly How to Do That

After having created and marketed over 100 products, events, and coaching programs for high-level superstars like renowned speaker and strategist Tony Robbins, Internet Marketer Frank Kern and Wall Street's Jordan Belfort, I have developed a step-by-step method to walk you through the process of creating your own information product.

I call it the Product Creation Blueprint. It's your master plan for creating your very own information product, starting with the brainstorming that creates a brilliant product, all the way through the sales and marketing strategies to ensure that your product reaches its audience and sustains your business.

And When I Say "Step-by-Step," I Mean It

Have you ever bought a product that promised to teach you something, then lost you somewhere along the way, leaving you utterly confused as to where you go next? I've seen plenty in my career and, frankly, they're my biggest pet peeve. It's my promise to you that if you follow my program, I will guide you through every little nuance—and give you the supporting audio, videos, handouts and exercises that will reinforce every lesson to get you to the next step.

"After spending THOUSANDS of dollars on various product development courses, I've learned so much more from Pam's course than anything else I've purchased. Pam does an amazing job breaking this down to where I actually feel like I can do this now. I feel so lucky to have found you!"

— Adam Bordes DC
Senior Health Strategist
American Council on Exercise
"Pam uses her laser sharp focus to zero in on and navigate a vast array of business product choices. She brings great clarity to decisions about what and when to launch, how to package products, and how to explain them in a way that will instantly connect with ideal clients. She does so with superb clarity, honesty, and sensitivity. The quality of her insights is unsurpassed as is her knowledge from her year's of experience in successfully bringing content-rich products to market."

— Kay Loughrey
Slim Down and Win
"Pam's Product Creation Blueprint has become the single most valuable course I have ever taken to date!

This course will remove the Internet Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder (I.D.H.D) most people suffer with today and propel them past ALL the noise that is on the web, as it has done for me. It has helped me to create two e-books, with a third in the works. I'm also presently creating a Christian finance awareness course with the help of the program.

Thanks so much Pam!"

— Joseph J. Young

You will receive immediate access to Module 1, and then for maximum learning and integration, the additional modules
will be released to you once a week until the program is complete.

1: Creating Products That Sell - Part I

Step 1: Prepare your strategy and set yourself up for maximum client impact and bottom-line profits

Step 2: Produce content so compelling that your clients are clamoring for more

2: Creating Products That Sell - Part II

Step 3: Package your product so it's irresistible to your target audience

Step 4: Promote your offerings effectively so they reach-and convert-your ideal audience

Step 5: Provide the impeccable delivery and service that create raving fan clients for life

3: Marketing Strategies: What No One's Teaching and
    Everyone Needs to Know:

• The 5 vital keys to creating and automating your marketing machine

• 10 tips for effective email marketing, no matter the size of your list

• How to write sales copy that converts, even if you're "not a marketing person"

• Your Marketing Checklist for Success: Everything you need to get your business off the ground running

4: Creating a Sustainable Business While Doing What
    You Love: The 7 Disciplines That Make or Break Your
    Business Success

• How to manage the four areas of biggest risk in your business

• Three keys to outsourcing effectively and the most common mistakes people make

• How to eliminate distractions and stay focused on the four key areas of growing your business

• The psychology that will ensure you get what it is you really want from your business

Step-by-step product maps that detail the fastest way to get the result you're after for each of the five key steps.
[5 Downloadable PDFs]

Supplementing each video, these materials reinforce what you learned and help you implement it effectively.
[5 Downloadable PDFs]

Each session is also provided as a mp3 file so that you can download and listen to the program at your convenience.

The Art of Contracting: How to Get and Give Quality Help

Feel like you have to do it all yourself? In this video I'll show you how to get the best quality talent for the best possible price. These tips will help you find, hire, manage, motivate (and sometimes fire) creative contractors of every kind—with confidence.
[Includes 3 PDF summary handouts]

The 10 Books that Changed My Life...and Can Change Yours, Too!

The best teachers are often the best students. In this video I'll share with you the top books that have had the most influence on me—and the crucial lessons I gleaned from each. You'll also have an opportunity to win free copies of my Top 5.
[Includes PDF summary handout]

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If you're serious about building a business—and a lifestyle—from your passion, this is a program you won't want to miss.

My consulting services typically run in the thousands of dollars. For the first time, I'm offering these same strategies to you for $347.

This invitation isn't the next big "get rich quick scheme." It's for the rest of us who have a passion we want to share, who are willing to work hard, and who value helping people and contributing to the marketplace just as much as we value making money.

Take action now and turn your best ideas into profitable products. I look forward to hearing the story of your results.

To your success!

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