Pam Hendrickson Blog - My Top 10 Mistakes with Online Courses

My Top 10 Mistakes with Online Courses

Have I told you about the time that I spent $10,780 creating my first online course and sold 28 seats for a total of $8,316 in revenue? Let’s do the math together. (Sigh!)

Pam Hendrickson Blog - 7 Ways Membership Sites

7 Ways to Make Money with This 2017 Trending Product

There’s one HUGE trend in 2017 that I think you need to be on top of. This week, I’m going to show you 7 ways to make money with this trending product. You’ll discover what it is—and how to use it to boost your revenue in 2017—by clicking on my latest below.

Pam Hendrickson Blog-5 Tips for Conducting Outstanding Interviews

5 Tips for Conducting Outstanding Interviews

Legendary talk show host Jack Paar once said: “Don’t do interviews.” “Interviews are boring,” Paar would say. “Make it a conversation.” Whether you are using interviews as part of your product or course or you have a podcast or serve as a producer for a third-party project, you never want to feel like your interview Read More »

5 Keys to Creating a Real Connection (from the Best Trainers in the History of the Universe)

As schools gear up across the States this month, teachers are presumably asking themselves something that is also on the mind of most business owners: How do I command attention and keep my audience (class) engaged?