Procrastination can be a killer when it keeps us from moving forward and making true progress. But every now and then, procrastination can set the scene for a "happy accident" that sparks something new.

That happened to me the day I took a step away from my to-do list to check in on my youngest son, Ben, who had a report due on a famous Californian for his 4th grade open house. He wanted to focus on one of the greatest football players of all time (that’s my boy!)—but first he had to convince his teacher to let him pick Joe Montana.

He asked me for help crafting his argument, and as we talked, I realized he was missing ONE big thing—something that I realized YOU might be missing when you deliver your core message to your prospective customers.

Wow Your Customers with the Help of Joe Montana

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Do you remember back in the "olden days" when we had to go out and find information? I remember driving to the library with my mom to page through book after book in search of whatever nugget of knowledge I needed to finish a school project. Those were the days!

These days, we don’t have to find information. Information finds us—at least, if my overflowing email inbox is any indication! It can be so overwhelming, and while paging through all of the newsletters, articles, blogs and social media posts out there can be good for a little afternoon procrastination, it sometimes feels like all that information keeps me from doing what I really need to do in my business. And sticking my head in the sand like an ostrich certainly isn’t going to keep me on the cutting edge. :)

So how can you be the kind of thought leader who wades through the noise and picks out just the right nuggets to keep your business ahead of the curve?


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