We’ve all heard the old cliché "don’t put the cart before the horse," but did you know that its origin dates back to ancient Rome? (Cicero, to be precise.)

Now that we’ve geeked out on some ancient language history, I want ask you a question:
What if putting the cart before the horse can be a great thing for your business?

Many of us think we need to have our products built and perfected before we go to market. But the truth is, we need to think differently. I made this mistake when I first started my business, and I was hugely frustrated. The truth was, I wasn’t making money—and I didn’t know why.


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After the livecast on Thursday and chumming around with Mike Koenigs, Ed Rush, Bo Eason and the amazing customers we have in our community, I thought of something Tony Robbins used to say a lot: "The quality of your life is a direct reflection of the expectations of your peer group. Choose your peers wisely."

That quote has always resonated with me. It’s also why I choose to surround myself with extraordinary people like Mike and Ed. They challenge me, surprise me and support me so I can’t help but be at my best. (And they also make sure I have fun along the way!)


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Getting results with organic social media is getting tougher. A few opt-ins on your site are no longer cutting it for building your list. Customers are becoming more skeptical with offers.

I’ve love to say that product development and marketing has stayed the same over the years, but I have to tell you: After 20-plus years creating products, the industry is constantly evolving.

So how do you keep up?


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It’s amazing what you can do when you have the right knowledge, focus and determination.

Take my friend, Dr. Rick Loos, an in-demand chiropractor who dreamed of creating the ideal pillow to help his clients sleep better. Dr. Rick spent years researching and testing and talking with experts in the pillow manufacturing industry.

Five years and 77 prototypes later, the Proper Pillow was born. And that was just the beginning! Now Dr. Rick has a book coming out, and is well on his way to scaling to a $10 million business.


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