When it comes to content marketing, videos rule the roost.

As a content and product marketer I know video is one of the most powerful mediums to build a connection, and influence sales. In fact, according to Invodo, 52 percent of consumer said that watching product videos gave them more confidence when buying. This is one of the main reasons I switched to a consistent video blog more than a year ago.

5 Steps to Creating Top Notch Video at a Bargain Price

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I know what you’re thinking. TWO teams? The San Diego Padres and who else?!? :)

Well, even though baseball season is heating up here in the U.S.—and we’re eagerly anticipating the start of football—I actually wasn’t thinking about sports at all when I put this blog together.

I was thinking about you and your business—and the two core teams you need when it comes to hiring and outsourcing to help you make consistent money in your business.

The 2 Core Teams You Need to Run Your Business Right

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